Move beyond the future

Bewond is an ambitious new company based in Italy that creates services and applications with a strong focus on design and user experience. We think the purpose of any project is to advance people emotionally and functionally, by driving big transformations or simple daily activities.

Bewond Wallet

Reshape online payments

Bewond Wallet is a radically new global payment platform based on blockchain technology. It is powered by the Stellar network to guarantee maximum security and scalability standards.

Through Bewond Wallet it will be possible to carry out transactions in any currency practically without commissions. We try to make money more fluid, markets more open and people more responsible.

Bewond Store

Brand focused commerce

Bewond Store allows small local businesses to access online commerce by providing an immediate and powerful service focused on brands and customer experience. Store Business is the application dedicated to merchants for online business management.

Bewond Place

Social booking experience

Bewond Place is a collective virtual shared space for discovering, participating and organizing physical or digital experiences with other people around the world.

The Bewond Place app revolutionizes the way people book online events, shows, dinners with friends, travel or any other form of shared experience.